Best Bourbon Old Fashioned

If you’ve been in search for the best Bourbon Old Fashioned recipe, look no further. We’ve included a few of our go-to Bourbons for making Old Fashioned’s, but don’t be afraid to use what you have or explore our full guide to Bourbons for inspiration. Wanting to switch it up and try something different? Give our Sicilian Manhattan a try. Enjoy!

Best Bourbon Old Fashioned Recipe


  • 2 oz. Bourbon Our favorites are Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey 101, or Booker’s
  • 1 Luxardo cherry
  • 1 slice fresh orange peel
  • 1 Pure Cane Brown Sugar Cube La Perruche brand recommended
  • 2-6 dashes Angostura bitters to taste
  • Water just a splash
  • 1 Ice Cube Large sphere or cube preferred


  • In a low ball glass, place your sugar cube. Add the dashes of bitters and splash of water (1/4 tsp.) on top of the sugar. Muddle until dissolved. Add bourbon. Take your fresh orange peel, torch lightly on the peel side, and squeeze over the drink expressing the oils into the cup before adding in. Place your ice cube and stir to chill. Add the cherry and enjoy!